05 January 2014

Juice cleanse into #nimrodfast2014

For a number of years, Jonathan and I have started the year with a fast. Less of that and more of this, sticking to a list of foods or staying from others. Last year was the most difficult to prepare meals. I had to make up recipes for bread and crackers, spending a few hour in the kitchen each day. We felt fantastic at the end of our 40 days. We even talked about doing it this year too. 

I had to say no. Why? I simply do not have the time to prepare all the food this year. So we have decided on this: No to corn, refined sugars, dairy & gluten*  
                          Limited to alcohol, soy & processed foods
                          Very limited spending. We have a set amount of cash for food, fuel, Rx, outings...
                          More Scripture, reading, prayer & family activities
In addition, I have a list of people, family & friends, who I will be praying a single, specific, given to me by them, word out loud daily. I am trusting the Holy Spirit to intercede for me in that moment providing that person(s) exactly what they need. 

Our journey begins tomorrow. I am excited to see how God moves & shines. Before the 6 weeks begins, we prepared our bodies with a juice cleanse. 
I looked for an easy cleanse, but what I found was really expensive. Like $500 expensive. However, I did find the blog A Messy Kitchen with a DIY Blueprint Cleanse. Boom! We have a juicer & for about $70 I was able to buy all we needed for both of us. 
We started on Friday, but had a road trip to pick up our boys that same day. Quit? Nope, pack it and juice at my parents with my niece, Roo. Jonathan was beginning to feel sick, so he added eggs & greens to his juices and soup too. 
I guess I made a silly decision to drink after and kiss a not feeling well husband, finding myself feeling yucky this morning. 

The snow was falling and sky was still dark, I made tea and found my way to the kitchen to sit. I reflected on years past, rested & prayed in the present, trusting in the grace of God in the future. 
Then I made green juice. It was the last day of the cleanse...going to finish strong.
Continuing to feel ache-y all over, I soaked in a bath of lavender & Epsom salts. My friend shared with me, lavender is anti-inflammatory & would help. It did for a bit, then I made soup. I needed to eat. I started with an onion, garlic & a glug of olive oil. That's how most all soups start in my kitchen. With mung beans boiling, I diced tomatoes, mushrooms, carotts, splashed chicken broth & stirred. It simmered. 
Then I baked Socca for the first time. 
1 c chickpea flour
1 c water
1/2 tsp salt
Spices if you like. I added cumin & turmeric (natural inflammatory). 
In a broiling oven, bake in a coconut oil greases cast iron skillet until it bubbles and is firm. 
When the food was finished & boys inside from playing on the snow, we sat around the table and broke our cleanse. 
It was the right time.
Have you ever done a juice cleanse? Do you (& your spouse) ever fast together? I'd love to hear your stories. 
Here's to a intentional start to 2014! 


'becca nimrod said...

*jonathan is going GF, as I already am. :)

Emmary said...

This is the opposite of a juice cleanse post: Years ago you posted a recipe for "yum yum" and I just made it for my kids. We usually make it a couple of times a year....when it's cold enough to freeze it outside. Well....Ella has never experience Yum Yum before. Boy, is she in for a surprise!!! Counting down the minutes till it is hardened! Thanks for a great tradition!

'becca nimrod said...

Emmary, ohmigoodness, Yum! I didn't make it this year. I think it's a must for valentines day. I'll top it with sprinkles & give it to my boys teachers. Thank you for the reminder & I'm super happy, it's a tradition in your family. Away tastier than juice.