02 August 2013

Happy First Month GPP

I'm making the adjustment to working fairly well. Starting in the summer, when my boys are out on summer vacation had a unique set of challenges, but thankful for a supportive village & helpful husband, we made it. It's great to be back teaching yoga & having the chance to lead adults in GPP classes is truly a gift.  I also have the honor of working with the kids rockstars of GPP, GPPkidsNWA.

The kids at GPP are strong and determined. We work hard together and even after 100 burpees, they are still (mostly) smiling out the door. This week when we were doing an extra tough workout, I heard the soccer players say, this will help with throw ins and we know this will help A. with her volleyball game. Pretty cool when the kids recognize the work they and their fellow GPPeeps are doing will help them in a specific area.

I've watched them work so hard the past month towards goals they set. Having them walk through the doors and say, "Miss 'becca, I made the A team" or "I can't wait for my football season to begin, I know I'm stronger" is beyond awesome. What a gift for them to be setting goals, working & achieving them at the ripe age of 10-14. They teach me!

Here is a fun little video that one of our trainers, Patty put together, highlighting our first month. Make sure you keep an eye out for a few of our GPPkids. They are in there.

If you are in the area, stop by for a class. The first one is free. If I know you are going to be there, I'll do my best to join you for the workout -- even if you choose the 5am class.

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