05 June 2013


2 June 2013

This past Sunday, surrounded by family, friends and our church family, Elliott and Chas were baptized. It was a day that I have prayed for since I was a girl and with more frequency after becoming their momma. I pray for each of my children, Ayanna, Elliott & Chas and adopted in spirit and circumstance, Moses and Mallory to know and fulfill the purpose Christ has for them. I pray they seek after it with passion and strength, but with caution and grace. I pray they will listen to the quiet call of God.

This day, these choices, leading to action, marked the beginning of this journey for 2 of them. 
My heart is bursting!

I had a cake made to celebrate this day and the cake decorator asked if they had a hobby. If you have spent anytime here or know them, soccer is the obvious answer. Not expecting the hobby to be the cake's focal point, the kids were thrilled with the amount of icing it provided. Yes, it was butter cream, not whipped. 
Our church is small and does not have a baptismal, but we did get a pool for the occasion! I love this. Jonathan was able to be the one who physically baptized them, while our pastor and friend, Don, asked them if they believed Jesus was the Son of the Living God. It was moving.
Chas is above and Elliott below

I cried & smiled, filled with gratitude & joy, I watched. Nothing much sweeter, than answered prayers.
Following the ceremony, we gathered around tables and shared a meal -- communion of the very best kind. I absolutely love that the boys were able to share this with a few of their friends. I also love that the parents of their friends and Chas' teacher were able to be there. It takes a village and those present are a part of our village. So thankful to be a part of a village where we find comfort and accountability, understanding and laughter. A village where we can ask for help and seek advice, knowing that we are all in this parenting gig together. A village that encourages us to be a little better today than we were yesterday, encouraging each other along the way.

Dear God, 
Thank you, above all thank you. 
Thank you for answering the prayers of my childhood and as a mother. Thank you for answering the prayers of one who desires her children have an eternity, in union, with you. Thank you for our village, our home. Your grace astounds me and brings me to pause in wonder. For that I am ever grateful.


Laura @ Hollywood Housewife said...

This was absolutely beautiful.

Jus said...

lovely. Made me a bit teary.