25 March 2013

invite, accepted; Tanked; flurries on Palm Sunday

Invitation -- accepted

Chas, had Pastrami to the door before Monroe was out of his car. The scones were still warm, coffee was dripping and I had no idea what to expect from the visitor with a cane, walking up the drive. He'd torn something in his knee a few months prior and was on the mend. While setting up a picture of Pastrami in front of the Walmart Museum, he fell and re-injured his knee.

Monroe shared a bit about his life as an art dealer and traveler. He shared that his family was in the bridal veil industry for years and how he is not a fan of American art. He said that New Yorkers are friendly to tourists and not to each other. This is because they know we, tourists, are leaving.

The visit was less than an hour and I would bet he didn't get what he came for. He mentioned that he was looking for an opportunity to shoot Pastrami in a "Beverly Hillbillies" setting and asked on the phone as I was giving him directions, if one of my boys would black out a tooth. I said no. We may live in Arkansas, but I have my limits.

Would I extend the invitation again? Yes.
Tweet during Takend on Friday Night:
Yesterday morning I met my friend, Brandie, for a run before church. It was 7:30 and there were flurries. As I sat in the car waiting for her to arrive, I watched the tiny flakes hit my windshield and melt.  I read words of Henri Nouwen and prayed and was thankful. The flurries were a reminder to me of grace and forgiveness and the arrival of my friend was a reminder of faithfulness. It was Palm Sunday and it was snowing.

{I love that I can show up to church in my running tights, smelling like a mix of sweat and perfume and I'm still hugged. I've finally found a place to worship, with a community who accepts me for me.}

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