13 March 2013

I called it.

Before the Pope was named & he chose his new name, I had a short conversation with a friend/ mentor/teacher. I shared with him my hopes for his name choice, Francis. Francis is my favorite saint.

A rebuilder.
A lover of all.
A servant.

When they announced his name, I couldn't believe it! I wanted to open a bottle of champaign and share it with Rick. But he was in Illinois and I was late to a meeting at my boys school; both problems. The cork popping will have to wait.

Today more than any other day, I wish I were a catholic. I stood in my kitchen and out loud, recited the Our Father in English, as he prayed in Latin. I smiled and I wept. My emotions were a surprise to me.

I'm not sure if it's proper to wish catholics, Happy Pope Day, but I am.
Happy Pope Francis the First day.
May he lead well and the favor of God rest upon him as he serves.

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