05 February 2013

running pals, stars, men in labor & early copies

For two weeks in a row I've met a couple of ladies for early morning runs. When we lived in Branson, I had a great group I ran with, four or five mornings a week. During days of uncertainty and inconsistency  it was my constant. My days now are filled with more certainty and routine and my miles, mostly solo.

I want my cake, GF of course, and I wanna eat it too. I want certainty AND running pals. It's part of my Important. I'll set my alarm 25 minutes earlier and I'll make coffee to sip on my way to meet them and who knows, maybe in a few months of our morning runs I'll bake a cake for us to enjoy when we are finished.
This morning when I got back in my car after running, I had an email from my good friend, Doug, attached was this picture of the stars above him.
Magnificent! Isn't it?
He's in Haiti. It's his home away from home and when I hear from him while he's there I know he is doing exactly what God wants him to be doing. Haiti, it's on his Important list. If you use Twitter, follow him here
This over at MommyShorts made me laugh, while secretly cheering and wishing I could have hooked Jonathan up to one of these for just 3 or 4 contractions. Ladies, if you have experienced unmedicated child birth, by choice or accident, it's worth a few minutes of your viewing time.
I can't wait to get my hands on early copies of Shauna's new book, Bread and Wine, and SkratchLabs: Feed Zone Portables: A Cookbook of On-the-Go Food for Athletes. You should go ahead and order both of them now. 

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