03 February 2013

My Important and Enough

I am an absolutely horrible house keeper cleaner. I can pick up the clutter and clean, hoping guests don't notice the dust on the fans or cobwebs in the corner. It takes me a broom, vacuum and Shark to get the floors in decent shape, yet Jonathan can come along behind me and sweep, forming a decent sized pile of what I've missed. 

It's just not that important to me. I am pretty sure this drives Jonathan nuts, but I do not plan on changing. I place more importance on gathering sticks from the yard, so the fire can be burning upon guests arrival. I place more importance on the little towels sitting on the side of the bathroom sink for hand drying, instead of the water spots on the glass shower door. I place more importance on the votive & tapers being replaced and burning, than the wax that dripped and the silver which needs to be polished. It's more important that the wine breaths, than the cook-top be free of splatters. 

I know I have friends who must gasp at my baseboards and I let them gasp. What's more important is the level of comfort and welcome they feel upon walking in our door. I have worked very hard to provide a home where all feel welcomed and can be nourished, not creating a showcase house. 

On Friday night we welcomed friends to our home for the first time. We have spoken of dinner together for months, never able to match schedules. Scott and Jo are inspirational to me and our family. You may remember the race the boys and I competed over Labor Day weekend, TriFest for MS. This race happens because of them.

We visited fireside sharing wine, pomegranate lime spritzers & Izzy's sodas. We munched on dried fruit and nuts and crackers and our walls heard new stories. We moved to the table where we shared roasted rosemary root veggies and sauteed veggies, grilled chicken over quinoa and wild rice. It was the first time I've prepared a gluten, corn, soy, dairy, egg, sugar free with the option for both meat eaters and vegetarians. I was a bit afraid that I'd be serving piles of veg over grain with an optional side of chicken, but I didn't. It was delicious and pretty and I ate slowly. My ability to clean a plate in 5 minutes is quite impressive. After the boys cleared the table I excused myself to prepare dessert. Placing, my finally perfected GF chocolate chip cookies, GF brownies and raw mint truffles, I invited everyone to the place where our evening began. 

Chas shared a report and poetry he'd written, Elliott gave an "Unbook Talk" on the book he's currently reading and Jo shared with Chas what MS was and how it is effecting her body. Scott won every round of chicken tracks and the dishes remained dirty and stacked on the counter. It was another perfect evening in our home; so thankful.

It is February and I am halfway through our yearly fast. This year we decided on 40 days, not 21 and it is much more than a limited food list. It's about enough. It's about realizing that I need to be no more or less than God created. It's about trusting that enough is enough and me, I'm enough. It is about knowing that the place I have created is enough, even when it is dusty and has water spots, because what is important to me is important for a reason. That reason, it was placed inside me by my creator. Enough is becoming more clear to me, as I say yes more and no more. Saying yes to the things I know are important and no to the things I know are not. It is more clear, as I gain confidence in knowing my yes-s and no-s and important-s are different from yours. My Important and your Important and their differences are placed there by God and I need to do a better job embracing mine and helping you embrace yours. I'm working on that this year. I'm also trying to eat slower. 

Last night I was reading a book my friend, Richard loaned me, Love Does. It is one of his favorite books and he was sure I needed to read it. He was right. {Thanks for knowing me FF, you are the best!} One of the stories he tells is about invitations his children extended to world leaders. You must read it. It is only affirmation that love and life happen well, when invitations are extended and meals are shared. While you are ordering that one, pre-order this one, Bread & Wine: a love letter to life around the table with recipes. I've ordered a few and can't wait to get them to a couple of gals who I'm starting a cooking club with. 

Shauna has a gift which she graciously shares with others. She has shared with readers about making life sizzle and pop in Cold Tangerines and about grace and change in Bittersweet. Guess what, I think this will be her best. I think it will be her best because it is not about what she's learned or her struggles, but because it it a book about her Important. I've not read it and I've only had a conversation about it with her a time or two when it was more of an idea than words on paper. It will not arrive in my mailbox a day too soon. 

It is Sunday afternoon and television is on in the background and I'm learning about the snacks the players are eating before the big game in New Orleans. Jonathan is hanging a mirror in our bathroom, while the boys are laying fireside. DandyDoodle is moving from place to place napping. I'm taking a look back on our weekend and I'm pretty sure I was the only one who looked up at the dust on the ceiling fan by the glow of the fire. Dust is on my not Important list, when I have stories to hear and  meals to share. Is dust on your Important list or your Not Important list? If it's on your important list, wanna come visit. I'll bake you treats and listen to your stories. 


Anna said...

You have always inspired me with your gift of hospitality. (Said as I am preparing to host 8 Chinese exchange students for the superbowl tonight!)

'becca nimrod said...

Oh Anna, thank you. Your home is one of the warmest I know. I'm certain your party today will be fantastic! XO

laura @ hollywood housewife said...

This is just so, so beautiful.

'becca nimrod said...

laura, from someone who I admire for living a life of enough and important, your words mean much. xo