25 January 2013

Morning search for GF bread recipe

For a number of years I've searched for a bread recipe that I could bake at home instead of spending nearly $6 on a loaf of bread at the grocery. I've been looking lately for a recipe which was free of the following: soy, corn, sugar and gluten.

If you are a baker you know a bit of "food" is required to activate yeast. Yeast reacts most quickly to sugar, but can react to flour. Flour is out of the question, so I opted for a scant 1T of sugar in the raw.
 2 C warm water + 4 teaspoons yeast + 1 tablespoon raw sugar = foamy mixture. 
 In my stand mixer with the dough hook, I poured 1 cup of rice, 1 cup of tapioca, 1 cup of sorghum & 1 half cup of sifted coconut flours. I tossed in a couple of pinches of sea salt, made a well and poured in the liquid. The dough hook did her magic, I added a half cup more water and a large glugg of olive oil. Scraping the sides, I watched & hoped.

I wanted fluffy and light, not dense like the others I have been making without yeast. Would this be it?

It's such a treat to have ovens which have so many settings. The bread proof setting is quite helpful, especially in the winter. The bread quickly began to grow and my mouth watered. I'll let it rise above the top of the pan, next time. I wasn't sure if it would grow more as it cooked, having not made it before. It didn't.
It's the recipe, I type with a full belly & will not be buying another loaf of GF bread for quite awhile. It's grilled veggie and hummus sandwiches for dinner with a side of bread. Oh wait, a side of soup. I'll have a little soup with my bread.

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