12 January 2013


We are giant fans of HGTV. It's the reason we, for the first time (other than a free trial once) we have cable. My sister was asked years ago what Jonathan does to relax when visiting my family at the lake. Although I'm still not sure why she was asked that question, her answer was spot on, "He hides in the basement and watches HGTV."

It's true. If it's not Modern Family or MSNBC, it's HGTV. We watch the reruns.

Thursday, I'd finished baking, made time for a quick run and was coaching OM, when I saw the green light on my phone blinking. I'd been texting with one of the kids momma's about after OM plans, so I checked to make sure I had the plans right. It wasn't her. It was a message on twitter from HGTV!

I squealed a little. OK, maybe more than a little and enough to make the 6 heads working on song lyrics to turn my direction. "Mrs. Nimrod, what is it? Is everything OK?" In my excited state, I told them and they didn't really seem to care and went back to a song about slicing pizza.

It may not make it to the television or their website blog, but it was the recognition that made me so excited. My house is certainly a home. It is filled with art from travels and art we make. It is quirky and the decisions made are not made for resale, but for living. I am not afraid of color and not much officially matches. Family heirlooms and painted floors, roadside finds and knickknacks I wish could speak, telling the stories of their past, dawn walls and surfaces. A few weeks ago we had friends over for the first time and upon entering the kitchen they said, "This is totally 'becca."

It's true.
It is truly #lovehome.
HGTV, come on over and see for yourself. I have a few projects we could work on together.
I received confirmation yesterday it was chosen. They own the rights to the picture and may use it in anyway, anywhere in the world they choose. I may or may not see how it is displayed or used. If you see it, will you let me know. It seems like an occasion for a party.

Oh and one more thing, you should enter too. Just  #lovehome instagram or twitter.


Um Dayo said...

Oh God, Becca. You got me all teary-eyed. I am so thankful to God that after all your movings-around and all your travels and all your wanderings, you have a home to call home. I beg God (does that sounds dramatic? ha ha I mean it!) to give me a home. Nothing gets me in the gut more than imagining a day when I can paint walls and buy furniture I like and want and feel like I live in my home, not that I am just living in someone else's surroundings. My house in Dearborn came close, but alas, nothing lasts.
Tell me...on your meanderings in various countries/states/cities, how did you make yourself "at home" without really having things your way, and knowing that things would not last in that place?

'becca nimrod said...

Hi dear. A home is not given, it is created. With God at the center of your family and intertwined in all you do together you create a home.

You visited our home in Lincoln many times. A very small apartment, which had less than ideal space to host many students at one time, BUT we did. I have not ever allowed the space where we call home to keep the door from remaining open.

I always hang things on the walls or at least lean them. (I'm into that lately.) I display items which mean much to me and my family. Remember my belly cast? Awkward for some to see, but very meaningful to me. It's in a closet right now, but I have it and I'm sure it will be out again one day.

Forgive me if this isn't proper procedure. Remember my cookbook stand? You gave approval for its use that way. ;) Could you roll up your prayer mats, place them in a pretty basket in the corner. That is something meaningful, I imagine to be beautiful and would include your faith, a function and journey you are on. It would embody home.

Mostly, home is a feeling you have in a space where you live, with those whom you love. xo