14 November 2012


Today I participated in hollywood housewife's one day event. Not a typical day for me, but my day in snaps. 

sleepy eyes
will soon be the color naval. Naval, Greens and Snowbound are the paint colors for floors, walls and furniture in our bedroom with yellow accents. Josh the super painter can't come a day too soon!
french press morning of nimrod estate
dandydoodle's progression for the morning. wake, pee, treat. There is no sleeping lonely, even with Jonathan away. 
dishes, sip, breakfast, sip, pack lunches, sip...
wake the @nimrodboys
lunches packed, but not complete without hot chocolate. We love, love our travel mugs from Bodee. 
shortcut past chicken houses and farms, car line and drop off. It makes a warm heart to have a teacher open the car door and greet each student for the day. We (heart) Baker!
walk with dandydog at crystal bridges. Such a gift to the community. 
brown and down. We have so many trees in our yard and that means so many leaves. It's a multi day process to blow, rake, burn etc. Today was day #3. I'm at least 16 hours in and who knows how many left. I am so sore. I think I may have a hernia. I am a pansy. I totally understand why people pay others to do yard work. Anyone work for scones and coffee? 
restack. I had a pile of wood which had to be moved. DONE!
blow. This is less than half of the yard and about 1/10 of the leaves. 
(by Chas)
dandydoodle at one of his favorite spots. Chas grabbed my camera off the deck and snapped these 3 photos. 
clean. but still smelling like smoke. I think I will for days. 
 after school winding down...xbox.
 elliott trying to teach dandy, an old dog, a new trick. Jump through the hoop, but only for a treat.
laundry and messes and drawers emptied and waiting for the painter to paint. (peppery is the color.)
quick trip to the grocery for a few things. 
 a squeaky clean elliott playing catch with a little rubber ball in the hall. This kind of activity in our home after a shower...I wish was abnormal. Wait, wait WAIT, after c & e shower, it's not abnormal. At least he's in a towel.
my buddy with his buddy. 
that time.  
dinner plates for the night. We have 5 of these, one for each person in our family, and use them often. But more often we use out wedding china. We made a decision with out last move to use it everyday. Why not use the best everyday? We do, mostly. It's just that sometimes, Fred Food Face plates are fun.  
maybe they are preparing to audition for hollywood housewives husband's show? 
This is stacked up in my living-room and driving me nuts! We were to have a painter here this week to paint our bedroom floor, walls and furniture, but he's not coming until next week. Problem? Minor, as I'm hosting a mom & kiddo party on Tuesday, Muffins and Mimosas and there is a holiday on Thursday. Humm.
 nightly load of laundry.
a favorite new piece of functional art. 
one busted, while the other sleeps soundly.
closed, open. beans to grind, chemex to set up, hotpot to fill with water -- so much easier in the morning. 
Tomorrow will be a more typical day for me. I'll go for a run, get dressed in something besides yoga pants (not typical), have lunch with Chas, return a few things, pick up a few others, coach OM, take the boys to the park or maybe out for dinner, talk on the phone with Jonathan if he's able to call and I will not, absolutely will NOT do yard work. Exhausted and sore, I'm headed to bed. 

Thanks Laura,  for hosting such a fun event. Even thought I'm not an Instagram or Facebook gal, what I was able to catch on twitter #onedayHH was great. 


laura @ hollywood housewife said...

Ummmm, I could not be any more impressed with your yard work prowess. If someone told me to move a wood pile, I am the one would become a pile.

Thanks for participating, friend. I love seeing these details of your life.

'becca nimrod said...

Laura, thanks so much for hosting this online event. It's been fun to look at others days in snaps. Thnk goodness I'm not the only one with a pile of laundry or mess counters in the background. Refreshing to not see only "set up" snaps, but real everyday life.

As for moving that wood pile....SO sore the next day!

the Blah Blah Blahger said...

I LOVE the hands fruit bowl!!! Such a fun blog post...I'm visiting from One Day, too!

'becca nimrod said...

Blah Blah Blahger, isn't it fantastic! It was a birthday gift from a friend in September. It quickly becme a favorite. Happy weekend.