07 September 2012

TriFest fo MS

This past weekend the boys and I got to race together in the TriFest for MS. It was the last race of the season for them and the first where I race the same distance and tried to catch them. As we have had all season, our biggest support and cheerleader, Jonathan was there cheering and this time I remembered to pack the camera. This means we have snaps of all of us throughout the race. 
Before the race with boys and e's soccer pal. It was his first tri. Super proud of him and guess what...he may have caught the bug. He's already looking forward to next season. 
Praying before the kids race began.
Elliott killed the swim in his shark cap. 
C making a turn, only a 50 remaining. Way to go buddy!
After loosing my goggles on the first 25, I was thrilled to be out of the water. Mom, see the smile? Just like when I was 8 and on SSC.
This part of the race is e's favorite. He loves, loves the bike. Thankful to friends who have graciously loaned us bikes to cover the last month of the season. 
There he goes, c's ready to spin hard for 6.1 miles. 
I was able to catch the boys as they were headed in from their 2nd lap, but I still had one to do. Wonder if I can catch them on the run? 
 As I was headed in from my bike to transition, e was on the last stretch of the run. No way to catch him, so I tore through transition and ran backwards on the run path to watch him finish his best race of the season!
I'd had some people tell me that c was just ahead of me and picked up my pace. I turned the corner and could see him. This kiddo dug deep, turned it on. 
This snap is when I was telling Jonathan I'm trying to catch him! But I didn't.
It was the best, best, best thing to have my sweaty boys waiting for me as I ran across the finish. 
 Elliott came in 1st and Chas was the 1st 9 year old to cross the finish. Way to go boys. Way to end your season strong. SUPER PROUD OF YOU!
 This is my favorite candid of the weekend. ProTriathlete Angi Axmann, who is absolutely darling, was telling stories to a very captivated audience of young triathletes.

The best part of the weekend was not crossing the line into my boys arms. It was not knowing Elliott set, trained and achieved the goals he set for his season. BUT I am extremely proud of him for that. It wasn't even the giant smiles I see on Chas' face along the course. The best part of the weekend came when I tucked the boys in bed and heard these words as Elliott prayed:
"...and God, please heal Mrs. Rampy. Heal her body from MS and I pray that the 
money that was raised this weekend helps find a cure for MS..." 
Chas prayed next, also praying for healing and a cure. THEY GOT IT! They knew why they raced and they knew that if they prayed, God would hear. It wasn't a prayer that I encouraged or said first, to which he piggy backed, but a prayer offered from the heart of a boy who understood and believes. 

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Bodee said...

Tears in my eyes; pops' tears are out of his eyes and his chin is keeping time to the Late Night Band... Translation: Bodee and Pops are so happy for each of you. We love your work ethic, your dedication, the unbelievable sacrifices and encouragement for one another. We wish we were a bigger part of your daily life! I love and miss you more than words can say. I LOVE your hearts and thank you for your sweet prayers! love you - bode'