03 May 2012

No way he's 11.

It's the odd year birthdays which really get me. The year they turn 1 and 5 and this year 11! Eleven. I am having a hard time believing my first born is eleven. Elliott Jon, this time 11 years ago I was 13 day's past my due date and was grocery shopping. I went home to bake cookies and pack a few remaining items to have at the hospital and then went to see Dr. Star. 

While I was in his office, he said that because the fluids inside were low, we needed to talk about induction options. When we decided on how we would do this, you daddy and I went to have lunch, stopped by his office again, later in the afternoon and then headed to the birth center. You joined us, sunny side up, later that night after a few hours of what I later learned was back labor. 

You were patient as I learned to feed you and bathe you and diaper you, patience were never required to love you. As naturally as I could love anything, I learned. I learned the moment I first held you, what it meant to love with a new kind of love...boymom love. It's different than anything I had/have ever felt. It's easy and difficult, small and big, confusing and sometimes stinky, but most of all it's unconditional. There are no conditions on the love I have for you kiddo and there never will be. 

I have prayed for you since I was a young girl and that continues. May you know for the very purpose you were created and without abandon go after it. Go after it with your whole heart and life. Set goals and achieve them. I will help you, if you will allow. May you love God and people and in the process change the world in which you live and work and play. I hope you never stop playing, as it makes you smile and I love your smile. May God protect you in all ways, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and sexually. I try, but am so often unable. It is with trust, knowing God hears and answers prayers, I know you will be ok. I sure do love you e. You make my heart beat faster and harder. Thanks for making me a momma. 
Happy Birthday!
 Leaning tower of chocolate, chocolate, chocolate cake for the birthday boy!
 Gifts and laughter and plans for how late they will stay awake...midnight? 2am? 4am? Read on.
 DandyDoodle always finds his way into the middle of any action.
Notice anything odd about his cake? No candles. This momma is so awesome, I totally forgot the candles. I don't typically clean the bottom of them and reuse them another time, I buy new ones for each birthday. This time. I forgot. I'll make up for it on the next cake. I made this for his soccer team to enjoy tonight and it WILL have candles!
I even let the boys come to the table without a shirt. Big deal? In some homes, not so much, but in our home hats are to be hung on the chair and a shirt is most always required when eating at the table inside. Old fashioned, maybe? Even one of e's friends noticed this. I think his momma must have the same rules.
11:00 pm -- I set them up with a movie and sleeping bags and pillows and went to bed.
2:00 am -- Went into tell them that they were being way too noisy and discovered they were deep into a FIFA World Cup tournament on Xbox. That requires very loud cheering and laughter. I was the party pooper and told them, lights out and time to sleep.
3:30 am -- Laughter, running feet, lights on in all the house except our room...A crazy game of hide & go seek mixed with tag. This time I sent Jonathan to end the fun. This time they listened.
8:54 am -- under make-shift tents of blankets and sleeping bags, in corners of the boys room and guestroom, they sleep soundly. The table is set for Buttermilk Pancakes and sleepy eyes. Their parents will be here in a hour. I think I'm going to have to wake them soon.

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dawn said...

Happy birthday, E. Wish Graham had been there to celebrate you!