07 May 2012


I remember the first time I swam in a pool with a flap; pushing off inside and ending up outside with snow on the ground surrounding the pool. I do not remember why we were visiting Kansas City specifically, but am guessing it was to visit family. Or maybe a swim meet?

The hotel where we are staying has a pool with a flap & I couldn't be more excited. The boys are loving it.
I woke early, planning to run for a couple of hours on the Santa Fe trail through the Air Force Academy, but found the temperature to be 42 and it was raining. Most of the activities we have planned this week are outside. The area needs rain, so it is not a bad thing, just a bummer for us.

A morning in the pool is fine. There is no snow on the ground, but the water is steaming on the otherside of the flap, the boys are smiling & splashing. I'm hoping they are making memories.

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