10 May 2012

The Incline

I'm bothered that I am unable to put these photos in order. Darn it. Blogger, owned by google is not iPad savvy. No iPad, only iPhone apps. Boo!

This morning I took DandyDog for 6 miles on the Santa Fe trail. He loved it and so did I. It was clear, the air crisp and foot after foot I found myself overwhelmed with thanksgiving. I prayed for friends and family and praised God for the opportunity and ability to be where I was at that moment. Another morning of exactly what my heart needed.

We got back to the hotel and headed to The Incline. (google it, as I am unable to link, sorry) It was brutally brilliant fun. Elliott made it half way, Chas made it 80% and I made it to the top. There is a trail to the bottom, which is much easier than the route to the top, but I had boys to retrieve on my way down...The Decline was more difficult on my legs than The Incline. The incline was more difficult on my lungs.

We had planed to go to Cheyenne Canyon this afternoon, but the boys asked if we could get ice cream and swim. As much as I wanted to keep seeing the local spots, I'm sitting poolside trying to get rid of my kit tan lines & bright white feet.

We will head to new friends for dinner, the Smith's, then pack up for an early departure in the morning. Coffee in Boulder sounds perfect, don'tcha think? We will have lunch with a friend I made while on a trip in Mexico and grab yogurt at Boom Yogurt Bar. If we see Scratch Labs we will knock, but they are in CA, so I don't think there will be an answer. Then it's to Loveland for an afternoon & evening with family before a long journey home.

The clouds are rolling in and the wind is picking up. My tan lines will just have to remain. I'm chilly.

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