08 May 2012

Honeymoon & New Friends

We stopped by Garden of the Gods on the way to meet new friends for dinner.

My parents went to GOTG for their honeymoon. I don't remember going there on any trips through Colorado in the past and I've missed out. It is beautiful! We walked trails, boys climbed rocks & DandyDog tried too.

We had early dinner plans with the Smith family. I was connected with Spence by a friend, Rick & over dinner realized how small the world really is. His wife is stunning & kids are darling (photo of our kids outside Colorado Mountain Brewery) & if all goes well, we will get together with Krissy & kids later this week.

The boys and I have had a fantastic day. We certainly wish our whole family was together, Ayanna celebrates her birthday tomorrow & the mountains are way better than the office, Longjon. I guess we will have to soak up a little extra mountain air for them...

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Pops and Bode' said...

It looks so wonderful! Garden of the Gods Country Club is where we stayed - in a cottage on the golf course. If you could find a camel stick in the yard post with pole (saying "Please replace your divots" Garden of the Gods Country Club - it would be the most AWESOME present I could give your /dad. We had one for 20+ years but it finally disappearedl ut was a wonderful honeymoon momento! I love you all and wish you the greatest time ever! Be careful!