23 April 2012

Thanks, Momma!

I love the Olympics. I watch the same race and interviews over and over and often look for their momma in the stands. I ache for those I know who are not able to be at their child's race and for the child who may have lost his or her mom, wishing for her to watch their event. I cry, I usually cry quite a bit.

This morning my friend, Chris, wife to Elliott's soccer coach, sent this to me. Since our move here, we have spent many evenings, mornings & afternoons, smiles, frustrations & cheers as we sit on the sidelines of the soccer pitch. It makes the 4:03 wake up on swim practice mornings before school & the hours on the sidelines a little more special. Maybe, just maybe...

Mom & Daddy too: For the miles and miles you drove to practice and games, the shoelaces you picked up on the way to a track meet because I forgot to tell you mine were broken, for the cups of cereal you passed out on the way to swim practice before the sun was up and the financial sacrifices you made to make season after season of soccer, swimming, basketball, football, volleyball, track, cheer-leading etc possible -- THANK YOU!

I never made it to the Olympics (laughing as I type those words), but know that if I would have had the talent and desire you would have been there every step of the way.

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